We welcome BASE

October 01 2014

After having worked quite some time for Jim Mobile, Base Company confirmed their trust in NewCo Communications. As of October 2014 we are handling all activation calls for BASE pre-paid solution sold outside their Base-Shops. We shall handle these activation calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for F...

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Best Partnership Award

May 28 2014

NewCo Communications wins the prestigious “Best Partnership Award” with Ortel Mobile In the Royal Caviars Edition 2014.On May 27, 2014 the eminent Belgian Federation of Contact Centers ( has awarded for the sixth time the CAVIARS. These awards are granted to companies which have...

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We welcome Jim Mobile

March 10 2014

Base Company confirmed their trust in NewCo and as of March we shall be handling all activation calls for their pre-paid solution sold outside their Base-Shops.  We shall handle these activations calls 24 hours a day,  7 days a week for French and Flemish spea...

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Joint Venture with

February 01 2014

It was already pending for some time that we would take the next step. Since 2012 both shareholders of NewCo already took a personal interest in Cbis Com to confirm our  partnership and to guarantee continuity for Cbis Com as well as NewCo.  2013 showed that this involvement paid off and t...

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Caviars Awards 2014 in the category “Best Partnership”

January 07 2014

NewCo Communications submitted in January in collaboration with our client “Ortel Mobile” a business case for the Caviars 2014 in the category “Best Partnership”.   NewCo  and Ortel Mobile are working together since 2010 and the contract has recently been extended for a new period of...

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