Eddy Van de Poel joins NewCo

January 01 2014

"I'm extremely pleased to go back to the BPO Industry. Omega3C is a great Company with great products, but bear in mind that I have been active in the BPO for over 20 years, I realized that I really missed the BPO business too much. Of all opportunities presented to me, I have been the most impresse...

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Gaël Morange joins Newco

January 01 2013

NewCo comes to an agreement with Ortel Holding to bring on board Gaël Morange, former Customer Care Manager for all Ortel Countries.Quote John Holst (Shareholder):“This is a perfect example where 2 companies benefit in a maximum way ! Gaël Morange has been several years the guys who took care of...

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We welcome Ortel

December 01 2012

Under pressure of several more or less aggressive América Móvil actions as shareholder, KPN made several  decisions  in an attempt to save or benefit of several niche market activities. Amongst those was Ortel Holding, owner of all Ortel branches in Europe,  that  was split up in...

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We welcome

October 01 2012

Solid and trustful partnership: That are the 2 key-elements that made the decision very easy for the two shareholders of NewCo Communications to decide to invest on a personal base in the company CBis.Com.“We have now been working for over 2 years with CBis. They have been our partner as of day 1...

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