To become your partner in high-quality multi-lingual Near-and Offshore Contact Center BPO services. We are passionate about outstanding operational excellence and driven by superior customer experiences.


Next to cost reduction, performance improvements, customer advocacy and quality assurance, one of the biggest benefits, and perhaps the most important driver in doing business with NewCo, is our corporate DNA. We believe at NewCo that in order to achieve these benefits, that above all we need to have fun in everything we do. We love to celebrate our successes with our clients and employees. We are driven and inspired by the passion and the engagement of our employees. After all we are a people business, where the success is based on the success of its people. We are 100% transparent, and we create a climate where we don’t fear failure. We learn from our mistakes to become better every day. Partnering with NewCo must be a inspiring, enriching, satisfying and a pleasant experience.